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Installing and updating a theme

  1. Unzip downloaded package and locate Reader.html file.
  2. Let’s open it in your text editor of choice.
    Do not open it in a web browser as it will look like a mess.
  3. Now let’s select and copy all the content inside Reader.html file by pressing CMD + A, CMD + C (Mac) or CTRL + A, CTRL + C (Windows PC).
  4. Log in to your Tumblr Dashboard.
  5. Open up your Customize panel and click "Edit HTML"
  6. Replace it with the new code you have copied from file
  7. Hit Update and click Save

IMPORTANT TextEdit (only Mac users)

Open TextEdit Preferences (CMD + ,)

TextEdit Tumblr HTML

CHECK: When opening a file display HTML files as HTML code instead of formatted text

TextEdit Tumblr HTML

Now you can open *.html, *.txt files



  • On/OffInfinite Scroll
  • On/OffShow Preloader
  • On/OffShow Menu
  • On/OffShow RSS link
  • On/OffShow Archive link
  • On/OffShow Random link

General Post Options

  • On/OffNotes
  • On/OffTags
  • On/OffShow EXIF Data
  • On/OffNext Previous Links on Post Page

Social Share

  • On/OffLike Button
  • On/OffReblog Button
  • On/OffFacebook Share
  • On/OffTwitter Share
  • On/OffPinterest Share
  • On/OffGoogle Plus Share
  • On/OffFooter Social Icons


  • On/OffShow Newsletter
  • On/OffShow Instagram Feed
  • On/OffShow Dribbble Feed
  • On/OffShow Twitter Feed
  • On/OffShow Search
  • On/OffShow Text Widget



Tumblr Theme: Top - Customization
Menu Color#626262
Menu Hover Color#3f51b5


Heading Color#000
Content Text Color#636363
Meta Text Color#d2d2d2
Link Color#3f51b5
Link Hover Color#3f51b5
Read More Color#3f51b5
Read More Hover Color#3f51b5

Format Quote

Tumblr Theme: Quote - Customization
Quote Text Color#000
Quote Icon Color#e5e5e5

Format Link

Tumblr Theme: Link - Customization
Format Link Text Color#000
Format Link Icon Color#d4efff

Format Chat

Tumblr Theme: Chat - Customization
Format Chat Heading Color#000
Format Chat Line 1 Color#000
Format Chat Line 2 Color#636363


Tumblr Theme: Sidebar - Customization
Twitter Feed Background#e6f6ff
Twitter Feed Text Color#000
Twitter Feed Link Color#0983b8
Instagram Feed Background#f4f4f4
Instagram Heading Color#000
Widget Text Color#000
Search Widget Color#000
Newsletter Background#fff9ec
Newsletter Text Color#636363
Newsletter Heading Color#000
Newsletter Input Border Color#000

Other Customization

Tumblr Theme: Selection - Customization
Selection Text Color#858662
Selection Background Color#fffbc2


Tumblr Theme: Footer - Customization
Footer Text Color#000
Footer Light Text Color#c6c6c6

    Instagram Feed

  1. Authorize your Instagram account here
  2. Scroll down the page and click on the Retrieve my details bro! button.
  3. Copy and paste your User ID in the "Instagram Your User ID"
  4. Copy and paste your Access token in the "Instagram Your Access Token"
  5. Click Save
  6. You can also set: "Instagram Images Limit" and turn on/off Instagram feed "Show Instagram Feed"
  7. Turn on "Show Instagram Feed"

    Dribbble Feed

  1. Copy and paste your Dribbble account name in the "Dribbble Username" section in the Customize panel
  2. You can also change Dribbble shots number in the "Dribbble Shots Limit" field or turn off dribbble feed in the "Show Dribbble Feed"
  3. Click Save

    Flickr Feed

  1. Get your Flickr ID number here by typing in your flickr URL of your photostream.
  2. Paste your ID in the "Flickr Username ID" section in the Customize panel
  3. Click Save
  4. You can also set: "Flickr Images Limit" and turn on/off "Show Flickr Feed"

    Mobile version

tumblr theme - mobile version

  1. Go to "Advanced options" at the bottom of the Customize panel
  2. Turn off "Use default mobile theme" and click Save
  3. Make sure to save the changes.

    Custom HTML

Text Widget

Our team of researchers, strategists, designers & technologists partner with clients to create successful digital experiences.
<b>━  Steve Jobs</b>


MailChimp Form URL

Copy action URL and past to the MailChimp Form URL

    Google Fonts

Tumblr Theme: Google Font

Google Font 1: Montserrat:400,700

Header Font: 'Montserrat', sans-serif

Google Font 2: Playfair+Display:400,400italic,700,700italic

Main Font: 'Playfair Display', serif


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June 1, 2016 - 1.0.4
- Bug fixes (format video and audio)

February 18, 2016 - 1.0.3
- Minor bug fixes

October 19, 2015 - 1.0.1
- Minor Bug Fixes

September 24, 2015 - 1.0.0
- Released